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AKVIS Sketch is a program for conversion of photos into pencil sketches and watercolor drawings
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20 April 2011

Editor's review

AKVIS Sketch is a program for conversion of photos into pencil sketches and watercolor drawings. Now you do not need to handle a pencil to feel like an artist. All you need to create your original work of art is good taste and AKVIS Sketch.

Features: AKVIS Sketch creates realistic color and black & white graphite and color pencil, charcoal sketches and water color painting effects out of your digital photographs. turns your photos into pencil sketches and watercolor drawings. Unlike the effects produced by filters in programs like Photoshop, this application creates an effect that is very close to something produced by a human artist. Create these stylized drawings for websites or advertising purposes. The program is available in two versions; as an stand alone program and as a plug-in to a photo editor. The plug-in version is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro etc. The plug-in version can do batch processing and could be a tool to create cartoons out of home video productions.

There are several effects you could use. You can leave part of the photograph intact, thus creating a nice mix of photograph and a sketch/drawing. You are able to create a swirl in the background to create the effect of motion as also blurring of background so that too many details in the background of the photo does not divert attention from the main theme. Textures of canvas, a brick wall or corrugated paper etc. can be added to create additional effects. You can add an inscription that can be your signature or a message to friends and family with whom you are sharing the work of art.

Overall: A nice and simple program with an intuitive interface, quite fun to work with.

Publisher's description

AKVIS Sketch turns your photos into pencil sketches and watercolor drawings.
Surprise your friends with realistic color and black-and-white drawings that imitate the technique of graphite and color pencil, charcoal and watercolor!
It's a wonderful tool for those who have always wanted to draw but didn't know how.
AKVIS Sketch provides a convincing result and comes very close to hand-drawn works of a human artist.
You will be delighted by the neat result of the photo-to-sketch conversion. AKVIS Sketch can bring much fun: a pencil portrait can be a good present for your relatives and friends, a watercolor drawing obtained from your last nature shooting can decorate your room.
The program can be helpful to designers who need to quickly bring images to one style for a web-site or an advertisement booklet.
The program is available in two edition (as a standalone application and as a plugin to a photo editor). The plugin version supports the batch processing that allows you to automatically convert a series of images. You can even create comics from home videos in this way!
AKVIS Sketch
AKVIS Sketch
Version 12.5
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